Zsòfia Vera Mezei is a French-Hungarian graphic designer & lettering artist based in Strasbourg, France.


Having graduated from Shillington College in London in 2015, Zsòfia has since been working as a freelancer.

In addition to client commissions, she has developed an ongoing exploration of typography in her personal work through the popular realm of hand-lettering.

Inspired by a mix of modern calligraphy, classic letterpress fonts and old-school tattoos, Zsófia's collections vacillate between welcoming, feminine curves, and stable, sans serif letter forms. 

Similarly, her work opposes bright and vivid colour palettes to monochromatic work, hence stretching each seemingly antithetical universe to its extremes.

Zsófia is interested in the exploration of the tension & cohabitation of what is human made (a result of analysis and process) and nature (that which exists and persists alongside and despite us).

Typography entails a synthesis of verbal language and visual communication which the artist seeks to investigate, taking into account the following principles of graphic design : hierarchy, balance, contrast, symmetry and alignment.

The skeleton for each typographical piece is a complex hand-drawn grid that serves as a structure in which to place the letterforms. This delineated space — heavily inspired by architecture — allows for an understanding of dimensions and depth through visual analysis, all the while taking into consideration the final legibility of the piece. 

Once complete, each sketch is processed digitally for colour and texture.

The choice of words reflect an inner investigation of one's place in relation to others. 

Spending time creating these pieces by hand is a form of therapy, as one inevitably lingers on the meaning of each word at the time of composition. There is also a feeling of ownership of the word in its structural sublimation through art.

Contact – zsvmdesign@gmail.com
+33 (0)6 46 80 59 37